Wednesday, 20 August 2014

5K 'Lighthouse Loop' fun run 2014 results

Many thanks for all those who entered our 5k fun run to the lighthouse and back.
The prize winners were as follows:

Overall winner = Simon Crabtree
Mens over 50 = Hamish Murray
Ladies over 50 = Barbara Murray
Men = Simon Crabtree
Ladies = Liz Goldsack
Juniors = Tom Garrett

The full time sheet is as follows:

Pos Race Number Time First name Surname
1 024 00:20:08 Simon Crabtree
2 051 00:20:32 Neil McDermott
3 026 00:20:59 Matthew Hance
4 074 00:21:06 Rob Murray
5 075 00:21:32 Hamish Murray
6 058 00:21:40 Tom Garrett
7 004 00:21:42 Stephen Bridger
8 076 00:21:51 Kevin Dimarco
9 036 00:21:57 Sam Brooks
10 008 00:22:05 Robert Crabtree
11 010 00:23:24 Jason Clark
12 033 00:23:44 Ross Wayne
13 064 00:23:47 Matt Whitbread
14 006 00:23:51 Liz Goldsack
15 059 00:24:12 Nigel Haywood
16 017 00:24:19 Josh Smith
17 030 00:24:22 Tony Holmes
18 013 00:24:58 Steve Trend
19 005 00:25:11 Adam Golberg
20 050 00:25:12 Calum McDermott
21 047 00:25:54 Lorraine Naylor
22 069 00:27:01 Chester Williams
23 035 00:27:18 Tracy Brooks
24 073 00:27:23 Barbara Murray
25 009 00:27:24 Tracey  Colquhoun
26 022 00:27:35 Matthew Hughes
27 038 00:27:41 Jasper Bates
28 060 00:27:56 Dave Lawton
29 078 00:27:57 Callum Dimarco
30 072 00:28:01 Tony Kerrins
31 044 00:28:12 Richard Cook
32 016 00:28:30 Karen Smith
33 054 00:28:47 Ian Bugler
34 040 00:28:49 Clare Stockley
35 062 00:28:58 Benjamin White
36 034 00:29:04 Neil Brooks
37 002 00:29:12 Samantha Fry
38 061 00:29:13 Josh Gardner
39 053 00:29:42 Cathy Veale
40 001 00:29:47 Philip Bulkley
41 003 00:29:57 Charlie Johnson
42 014 00:30:11 Mike Barron
43 071 00:30:27 Belinda Bolar
44 041 00:30:40 Gill Sadler
45 018 00:30:43 Hannah Bowness
46 007 00:31:00 Claire Hammond
47 020 00:31:07 Anja Fleming
48 019 00:31:08 Wendy Mansell
49 067 00:32:22 Tish Alberry
50 031 00:32:24 Laura Postlethwaite
51 032 00:32:27 Karen Postlethwaite
52 015 00:32:32 Paola Hobson
53 037 00:32:34 James Vickerage
54 039 00:32:41 Andrew Bates
55 080 00:32:44 Paul McLintic
56 048 00:32:54 Jenny Dickenson
57 028 00:33:00 Catriona Sanderson
58 070 00:33:10 Melanie Dyke
59 046 00:33:11 Alan Fowler
60 025 00:33:26 Kaisleigh Crabtree
61 057 00:33:27 Ella Garrett
62 056 00:33:28 Jon Garrett
63 011 00:33:43 Christopher Truke
64 066 00:33:46 Christine Hart-Burke
65 077 00:34:00 Jo Dimarco
66 052 00:35:17 Clare McDermott
67 029 00:35:33 Trudy Allen
68 065 00:35:41 Zodwa Chasokela
69 027 00:35:53 Sarah Colquhoun
70 042 00:36:09 Lisa Green
71 043 00:36:09 Tim Bellars
72 068 00:36:11 Sheena Keep
73 049 00:36:55 Nicky Selby
74 023 00:36:56 Charlie Mould
75 055 00:37:32 Diana Garrett
76 063 00:38:17 Rose Clarke
77 045 00:38:46 Sally McCarthy
78 079 00:38:46 Tara McLintic
79 021 00:45:02 Laura Doda
80 081 00:45:09 Kate Spurling
81 012 00:45:10 Martin  Steeden

Monday, 18 August 2014

Duck race 2014 results

Thanks to all who bought ducks for our duck race, it was a fantastic success despite us having to postpone it by 6 days.
The results were as follows:

1st: E 372 - £100 (sponsored by Quayside restaurant)
2nd: H 184 - £50
3rd: F 150 - £25

All the prizes have now been claimed, thanks again for taking part.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Flag day today and live music tonight at PAG with Jim Etherington and @headlandband

Our Fundraisers will be out in force today for our Flag Day. Please pop some spare change into their collection bucket if you spot them in various places around the town.

Whilst that's going on the lifeboat crew will be setting up at PAG (Prince Albert Gardens, near the pier) for the live music, bar, BBQ and hog roast.

Tonight we have Jim Etherington playing from about 6pm to 8.30pm and Headland playing from 9pm to 11pm. Both are really excellent and we'd urge you to come and see them play. Make sure you're hungry so you can sample the freshly cooked food we'll have on offer too.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Best dressed window competition winners 2014

Our judges have now been to look at all the shop and business window displays around Swanage. There have been some excellent entries again this year and we are delighted to announce that the winner for the second year running is Kaffee und Kuchen.

Second place is Eclectic Abode
Third place is Bloom Florists

Thanks to all who took part we really appreciate your support.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The last VIP tour of our current lifeboat & boathouse

If you fancy being one of the last few people to have a VIP tour of our lifeboats and boathouse then why not come to our VIP evening on Weds 13 Aug at 7pm? Tickets are £10 and include cheese and wine at the end of the evening. If you'd like some tickets phone the lifeboat station on 01929 423237.

You'll get a tour on board our all weather lifeboat, a talk about the station, its history and the future and an insight into crew training and what is involved in being a volunteer crew member. The evening is aimed at interested adults.

This evening's junior sailing postponed to Thurs at 5pm

Due to strong offshore winds being forecast for tonight's RNLI junior sailing race the sailing club have decided to postpone the race until Thursday at 5pm.

This will be followed by the RNLI senior sailing race at 6.30pm

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Today's duck race postponed to Sat 16 Aug

Sadly due to the weather we've taken the decision to postpone the duck race until Saturday 16 Aug. Although you might think it's nice weather for ducks it's not good for highly trained racing ducks!

Please spread the word, thank you.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Lifeboat Week 2014 - day 1 = done!

Lifeboat Week 2014 has got off to a great start. The golf competition was really well supported with lots of teams entering. That event alone has raised in excess of £3000. Thanks to all who entered and took part.

The lifeboat station will be open tomorrow from 10am to 4pm if you'd like to have a look at our lifeboats. If you'd like to have a look aboard our all weather lifeboat why not buy a ticket to our vip night on Wednesday. You'll get a personal tour from one of our crew and cheese and wine at the end of the evening.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fly a flag for the lifeboats

Each year during Lifeboat week we ask local shops and businesses to dress their windows with a nautical theme or simply fly a flag. We then send out our judge to find the best 3 windows.

The efforts put in over the years have been excellent, take last year's winner by Kaffee und Kuchen for example. Note the meccano slipway and lifeboat station!

There's still time for your business or shop to show its support, call the lifeboat station on 01929 423237 if you'd like a flag to fly.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rain or Shine Theatre Company presents - Treasure Island on Mon 11 Aug

The Rain or Shine Theatre Company are back for Lifeboat Week 2014. This year they are performing 'Treasure Island' in the amphitheatre at Prince Albert Gardens.

When their ship is stranded at sea on a windless day, Captain Jim Hawkins and his loyal crew while away the time telling old sailors’ tales. And Captain Jim’s tale is always the most popular...

With a host of wild characters and events, from Billy Bones to the threatening Blind Pew and the ‘Black Spot’, the pirate’s mutiny on the Hispaniola to the marooned Ben Gunn and the fight at the stockade on the isle where Captain Flint’s treasure is buried, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story is brought to theatrical life by Rain or Shine in this new adaptation by James Reynard.

This tale of buccaneers, greed, courage, betrayal and pieces of eight has both humour and brutality. An adaptation which is very much an adult production which can also be enjoyed by children.

Tickets are:
Children: £5 in advance, £6 on the door
Adults: £11.50 in advance, £13.50 on the door

Tickets are available from Corbens, the Lifeboat Shop and online at 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Duck race 10 August, brand new racing ducks for 2014!

Sun 10 August is RNLI duck race day in Swanage. This year we've got 2000 brand new racing ducks for you to buy for just £1 each.

The ducks go on sale by the post office, on the seafront and from our mobile sellers at 9am. The race starts at the post office at 3pm and finishes by the Mowlem where the stream meets the sea.

First prize is £100, second is £50 and third is £25.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Have you built a raft for our race on 16 Aug yet?

There's still plenty of time to build a raft and enter into our raft race. You could even win our £100 first prize! (Kindly sponsored by MKL).

This raft took us less than 2 hours to build and yours won't need a big sign on it!

Contact the lifeboat station on 01929 423237 if you need any more information.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Only a week to go, have you got your events list?

Lifeboat Week 2014 starts a week today!

If you haven't seen the events list in the local press then you can download one [ HERE ]. You can also pick up a printed copy from the Lifeboat Shop in The Square, the Lifeboat Station, Swanage Tourist Information and our exhibition at Durlston Castle.

If you'd like to enter a team in the build-a-boat competition or the raft race then please give the lifeboat station a call on 01929 423237.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Could you sponsor a barrel of beer for LIfeboat Week?

With only 8 days to go to the start of Lifeboat Week 2014 we're still looking for a few more generous local businesses to sponsor a barrel of beer for our bar. By sponsoring a barrel it means that even more of the money we raise can go towards our appeal for our new lifeboat station. In return we'll give you an A3 poster behind our bar and a receipt to keep your accountant happy!

If you'd like to contribute then please phone the lifeboat station on 01929 423237.

Thank you!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Lifeboat Week 2014 window stickers

Good news!

This year's stickers have arrived.
You can pick one up from our shop in the square or from the lifeboat station. Display them in your car/van/house/shop and help promote our fundraising week. Why not tweet us a pic of your sticker in place, we're @swanagelifeboat

A full list of events will be available soon, we're just waiting confirmation of a couple of things.