Sunday, 22 May 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

This year's open air theatre event at Prince Albert Gardens (PAG) is taking place on Sunday August 14th 7:30pm.

Swanage Lifeboat and The Rain or Shine Theatre Company invite you to eavesdrop on a comedy about......eavesdropping; and to relax and enjoy a tale that involves love, jealousy, revenge, silliness and acerbic wit!

Welcome to the world of Shakespeare's comic classic - Much Ado About Nothing

Where many things are not what they seem and the truth appears only after much trial and tribulation.

Hero loves Claudio, and he loves her.....but will it all end happily? Beatrice loathes Benedick, and he loathes her......or do they? Don John hates everyone and plots much mischief. Don Pedro and Leonato desire joy for all.

Who will succeed in their plans and who will fail?

Tickets £11 Adults / £5 Children in advance.  £13 Adults / £6 Children on the door.

Tickets on sale at The Lifeboat Shop, Swanage Tourist Information Centre (01929 422885), Corbens Estate Agents, also via Ticketweb 

Grounds open from 6pm for picnics. Bar, Tea & Coffee and Pimms all available at PAG.

Please bring your own seating, blanket and something warm, just in case!

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